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Fair Trade Products: Good for Your Wallet, Great for the World

March 03, 2017 Mediterra Team

You may have seen or heard about Fair Trade products, but many of us don’t know quite what that means. Purchasing products that tout fair trade practices and ingredients sounds like a smart, socially conscious investment, but who really benefits from Fair Trade? The short answer is everyone, but there entire picture is a bit more involved.

Fair Trade products are made with the ultimate goal of social consciousness and respect in mind. Certain commitments to ethical standards of environmental, socio- economical, and human rights practices must be met in order to be considered Fair Trade. These commitments include, but are certainly not limited to: fair labor laws, no child labor, good working conditions, non-discrimination, women’s empowerment, fair prices to consumer and producer, transparency, and sustainable growing and harvesting methods.

This social movement seeks to promote produce and natural products that are sustainably harvested. A collection of small, often family-owned, farms joins together to form a co-op in order to ensure distribution of wealth that works to benefit the entire community. When you purchase Fair Trade products you aren’t just supporting a faceless company, you’re supporting family farms in developing countries. You’re empowering and employing women around the globe. You’re rewarding ambition and commitment to personal development.

Social consciousness isn’t just the hot new trend - the Fair Trade market is actively enriching the lives of millions of people. Most often the profits made go back into the community to fund schooling, healthcare, and improving living conditions. This form of economic empowerment is found to be much more effective than charity and aid by allowing them to take the power to improve their circumstances and community into their own hands.

Mediterra is passionate about quality - quality products, quality environment, and quality lives for those that have a hand in making our products. Because of this commitment to quality all of the ingredients used to make our products are fair trade. While Fair Trade doesn’t necessarily mean organic, we do follow eco-conscious and sustainable practices. We are committed to transparency - we use high quality fair trade products because it’s better for all involved. Buying Fair Trade products is a small, but meaningful and effective way to build up a better world for all of us.