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From Tree to Table

January 29, 2017 Mediterra Team

The beauty of handcrafted wares is that we get to be a part of the story. This story begins in a country at the heart of the Mediterranean, Tunisia. All of the olive wood used to create our elegant kitchenware is sustainably harvested from Tunisian olive trees. This naturally hard, dense wood is valued for its opulent grain pattern, but has been used to create wares stretching back to ancient time.

Olive trees are sometimes referred to as Immortal Trees the Tree of Eternity because they have the ability to regenerate. At the end of an olive trees producing life, it can produce shoots which will in turn become new trees. Olive trees are also built to withstand damage. An incredibly strong root system encourages regeneration even after the base has seemingly been destroyed in fires or natural disasters. Many of the olive trees we harvest our wood from are at least a couple hundred years old.

We are committed to a healthy, happy environment so all of the olive wood that we use in our store is sustainably harvested. Olive trees require regular pruning of dying and non-producing branches to boost fruit production and keep the tree healthy. It’s rare to see very large pieces created from olive wood because olive trees aren’t normally felled. There is a high demand in the carpentry and woodworking world to work with these branches which are often carved into figurines and dishware. The tightly interlocked grain of olive wood creates an incredibly hard and naturally non-porous surface making it the perfect choice for fully functional kitchenware that will stand the test of time.

The gorgeous, vivid grain pattern of olive wood tells a story itself. The age of the tree and the area it comes from are woven into the ringed grain pattern. The olive wood wares you receive may appear in light honey brown tones or dark rich brown tones. As olive wood grows older, its grain pattern grows rich and dark. This unique wood also carries the distinct, fruity aroma of fresh olives that transports you to the Mediterranean every time the scent wafts through the air.

From the olive tree groves of Tunisia to your table, our lovingly handcrafted kitchenware is created with you in mind. Knowing where your handcrafted wares came from and how they came to be seems to add a layer of preciousness that you just can’t buy. This story may begin with an old olive tree in a grove thousands of miles away, but it lives on through special moments of you and your loved ones gathered around a table set with olive wood dishware, sharing phenomenal food and beautiful moments.