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Olive Wood Olive Picker

Olive Wood Olive Picker
Everyday elegance meets functionality with this beautifully handcrafted olive wood picker. Hand carved from a single block of olive wood from sustainably harvested Tunisian olive trees, this olive wood picker is seamless and naturally non-porous making it durable and easy to clean.This Olive Picker is great tool to easily pick up olives and other snacks such as cheese, tomatoes and pickles

Measurements: 6''

Carved out of a single piece of high quality, authentic, eco-friendly olive wood
All wood is sustainably harvested from dying and non-producing Tunisian olive trees
Natural olive wood is coveted for its beautiful grain pattern and natural non-porous properties of high density grain. Each piece will showcase its own unique grain pattern.
Care: avoid soaking in water; wipe clean with soap and water after use; occasionally treat with olive oil or food safe mineral oil
$ 7.95