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Olive Wood Spoon

Olive Wood Spoon
Welcome to our online store, where functionality meets elegance with our meticulously round handle Olive Wood spoon. Designed for versatility in the kitchen, its exquisite round handle exudes a timeless charm, making it an ideal choice for any culinary occasion, whether for tasting, cooking, or serving. Crafted from premium Olivewood, this spoon preserves the original aromas and hues of your delicacies, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience. This spoon effortlessly caters to your cooking, promising convenience and comfort in every use. Elevate your culinary journey with this graceful and practical addition, embodying the essence of timeless craftsmanship and utility.

Measurements: 12 inches

Carved out of a single piece of high quality, authentic, eco-friendly olive wood

All wood is sustainably harvested from dying and non-producing Tunisian olive trees

Natural olive wood is coveted for its beautiful grain pattern and natural non-porous properties of high density grain. Each piece will showcase its own unique grain pattern.

Care: avoid soaking in water; wipe clean with soap and water after use; occasionally treat with olive oil or food safe mineral oil
$ 14.95